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Hello Parents!

  Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  My name is Kathryn Rutkowski and I am the Parents Group President this year.   The Parents Group Treasurer is Kristi Stallings and the Parents group secretary is Arnaz Khambatta  We are excited to be your Parents Group Board and are looking forward to meeting you and catching up with returning parents!!  Be on the lookout for our Parent Group monthly e-Letter which will have the date and ZOOM link for our first kick-off PG meeting of the 23-24 school year!  Hope to see you then!

  My family and I are entering our 10th year at MBMA.  I have three boys, now all on the elementary and primary side.  Tyler is in 8th grade, Mason is in 4th grade, and Drew is in 3rd grade.  We love it here at MBMA, have had some great memories and are looking forward to making more memories! 

  What is Parents Group?  Collectively, as the parents of the school, our ultimate purpose is to collaborate with MBMA and raise funds to provide education enrichment for the MBMA children and also create a place for parents to meet with activities and family fun!! 

Historically, we had some great events such as the Halloween Carnival, Thanksgiving Feast, Family Volunteering, and many more.  This year will be quite the interesting year and it is time to get creative!  A lot more virtual events and fundraising...back to school drive in movie night…virtual jog-a-thon…virtual book fair…monthly zoom meetings...we would like to connect and get your feedback and ideas too!!  We need volunteers!  Events happen because we work together to achieve the common goals!  Your involvement means so much to us, the kids love seeing family involvement, and the teachers and staff love the support! 


  Now you are probably thinking… “How can I volunteer when I have a full time job and helping with online learning??”... “There is no way I can volunteer!”…  We understand that, I have a full time job and many other parents who currently volunteer have full time jobs, but, we have an opportunity to get creative and get involved!  Every little bit helps! 

  We are forever grateful for all the support throughout the years and look forward to a great year ahead!  When we get back to in person learning, we can plan for in person events too!  With your help, we can continue to build on our MBMA community and create more memories together that we and especially our children will remember for years to come! 


  For more information, please look on our website:  To limit paper printing, we will communicate via email and via our website.  Our email information can be found on our website too!  If you need to print out any materials or information, we will format documents so that they are printer friendly!


  We look forward to a great year!

Kathryn Rutkowski

MBMA Parents Group Board President

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