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MBMA Parents Group would love to hear from you! Questions?  Comments?  
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Thank you for contacting MBMA Parents Group! We will respond as soon as possible.

  • How do I Help or Volunteer
    Just ask a teacher or MBMA Parents Group Board member... Or Click Here You can also help the Parents Group during your everyday shopping. Click Here for more information
  • What are Parents Group funds used for?
    MBMAPG Funds go to a lot of different things, including: Education/ Classroom Enrichments Smart Boards School Assemblies Books for Students School Library Classroom Field Trips Playground Supplies Running Club School Gardens Jog-A-Thon Family Movie Nights Halloween Carnival Thanksgiving Festivities
  • How long has the Parents Group been around?
    The MBMA Parents Group Foundation has been around for over 30 years!
  • I work full time but I want to help... What can I do?
    Great Question! This is an easy one... Checkout the Classroom Volunteer Tasks at the begining of the year. Some of these task not only help PG but also the teachers. Some only take as little as 30min a month and can be done during a break at work if you have computer access, like helping teachers with their calendars. You can also just submit a simple form and tell us how much time you have and what you might be good at... We can always find something for you to help with, even things you can do at home!
  • I need to contact the School directly
    Call 858-457-5895 Email: Address: 2640 Soderblom Ave San Diego, CA 92122
  • Website Privacy
    The MBMA Parents Group does not and will not sell information collected on this website. All information collected is not shared with anyone outside of the organization unless it is to fulfill an order within our store or signup for an event with an outside vendor, but then it is limited to only that order/event. The safety of our parents, students and their information is our highest concern.


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