MBMAPG would like to invite you to make a contribution to the Parents Group and in return, get your families name and a message displayed on a permanent concrete paver.

The pavers will be placed in the newly created Path of Appreciation located at the top of the main entrance, just outside the office.  Two wood pergolas will be placed at the points of entry, a bench for seating, and beautiful landscaping for students and families to enjoy.


Order your paver now and leave your lasting footprint at MBMA!

3 Sizes of paver to choose from:

  • 4x8 inch  2 Lines (20 characters per line)
  • 8x8 inch  5 Lines (20 characters per line)
  • 12x12 inch  7 Lines (20 characters per line)


3 Color options

  • Tan
  • Gray
  • Beige


Path of Appreciation Paver

Size & Color

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