New Parents

New School, New Routine, we know it's tough!!

The Parents Group wants to help with the transition.  Ask us a question anytime

Or check out our FAQ below, hopefully we can answer your questions.

New Parents FAQ

What do I need to purchase at the begining of the year

There are only a few items.

  • Emergency Fund- This is a fee to pay for emergency earthquake kits that the school keeps, they include MRE (meals ready to eat), water, blankets, etc.. *New Students only
  • PE/ Field Trip Shirt- This shirt is to be worn on days when students have PE or when going on a field trip.
  • Pizza Lunch- Most of the student enjoy Friday Pizza Lunches. Signup is at the begining of the year and includes 33 Fridays thoughout the year. It's tough for new parents to know if their child wants Pizza Lunch, keep in mind that their new friends will probably be eating pizza on Fridays.
*Children's House students can also purchase Milk & Nap Bag (to hold sheets/blanket) through the school directly.

I want to volunteer but don't have that much time

Checkout the Classroom Volunteer Tasks at the begining of the year. Some of these tasks not only help PG but also the teachers. Some only take as little as 30min a month and can be done during a break at work if you have computer access, like helping teachers with their calendars. You can also just fill out a simple form and tell us how much time you have and what you might be good at... We can always find something for you to help with, even things you can do at home!

How do I get a hold of the MBMA front office

Call 858-457-5895 Email: Address: 2640 Soderblom Ave San Diego, CA 92122 Website:

Drop Off & Parking

Most parents of elementry students will park in the front of the school for drop off. Children's House Students will park both in front and in the back parking lot. (driveway just past the school) Remember that the speed in the parking lot is 5mph, there are little ones that are just learning how to manage getting into their new school. *Please be kind to the neighboors and do not make a u-turn in front of the school. Proceed to the stop sign past the school and make the u-turn there.