Thank you for leading this event.

A Huge Thank You to all

Food Vendors- Meredith Moyer

Halloween Totes- Kathryn Rutkowski

Prizes Elementary Side- Ola Zabrockis

Decorations- Maria Padilla, Tasha Roberts, Samson Yang

Booth Repairs- Bryan Blacksher

Booths- All the parents that signed up and helped

Haunted House- Anthony Baker, Jeff Rogoway, Kazumi Rogoway, Raymond De Callafon

Humvee- Melissa Hillman

Signage- Samar Bannister

Adopt-a-Pet- Maricela

Guessing Jar- Jennifer Ewart

Tickets Purchases / Online Payment- Kristi Stallings

Pumpkin Decorating Contest- Jennie Johnson

Canopies/Pop-Ups- Samar Bannister

Inventory- Meeshie/Meredith

Face Painter- Kasii Lichty

Preschool Booths- Samson Yang

Newsletter- Charlene Paksima

Slime Maker- Matt Banghart

& Grandpa Jeff for helping with cleanup...

Thank you to all the parents that just showed up to help and support



Aadya Family • Ahani Family • Ang Family • Baliga Family • Banghart Family

Basbaum Family • Bottini Family • Bottini Family • Branden Soukup • Brennan & Chen Family

Burke Family • Chen-Peng Family? • Daniel Galvan • Danika Johnson and Family • Dill Family

Elliot-Meng Family • Fong Family? • Garcia Family • Hekler Family • Herndon Family

Hilgers-Patton Family • Huynh Family • Jordan Family • Koryurek Family • Li Family

Luna Family • O'Connell Family • Ohta Family • Pihl Family • Rogoway Family

Sauhta Family • Victorino Family


Halloween is just around the corner! 
It's time to turn MBMA into a
Spooky Halloween Carnival on
Friday, October 25, 2019!
JOIN US and be a part of this
We NEED Parent Volunteers
to help at your classroom's assigned Carnival Booth!


There are many different volunteer opportunities available.  If you are interested and want more info,

please don’t hesitate to contact the Halloween Coordinator: Meeshie


  • Thursday 10/24   3pm-8pm                  

    • Pre-Setup the day before – come for 30 minutes, an hour or more (snacks and dinner provided)


  • Friday 10/25        8am – 1pm                

    • Day Of Setup – stop by after drop off or come on your lunch break (food will be provided)


  • Friday 10/25        2pm – 6pm                

    • Work our BOOTH!  Sign up for any 30-minute shift…and YES, the kiddos love to help pass out prizes!  Help clean up and breakdown booths.

Carnival Admission wristbands

Buy Tickets...
​(Under 2 yr. & Adults are FREE)
Early Bird Pricing $25 through 10/18
Regular Price $35
You can still purchase on the
DAY OF (10/25)
AFTER the Halloween Parade at the TICKET BOOTH (Cash or CC)

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Categories Include:

Little Boo- Children's house only

Big Boo- 6th graders only



Creatures & Critters


Parents-(no grand prize)




It takes PARENTS to make the CARNIVAL HAPPEN!

There are a variety of opportunities to help make this year’s

Halloween Carnival the best yet!



Volunteer time can be anything from:

  • A few hours (even helping from home)

  • Day of setup in 1-2 hour shifts

  • If you really want to get involved, join one of our committees such as:          


Decorating • Bake Sale • Haunted House       


If you are interested and want more info,

please don’t hesitate to contact the Halloween Coordinators: Meeshie

Halloween FAQ


How can I help?

There are so many ways to help, come to one of the event meetings throughout October.

There is a lot of work that goes into planning, setting up, running, and breaking down this event Parents from every classroom are needed to work at least one carnival booth for 30 minutes. If you have time to spare, please contact the event corrdinators

If you don't have time to volunteer, but would like to donate money instead, click here. Printed forms are also located in the Office for your convenience. Donations of baked goods for the bake sale, loaning us a pop up tent are also requested, as well as gently used stuffed animals and hotwheels/matchbox cars.

Become a Sponsor

The carnival is a non-profit event for the sole purpose of the children's enjoyment. Please consider being a sponsor. To donate click here, or get a sponsorship form in the front office.

Booth Signup

Booth signups are online and done by classroom. Look on this page for more info and links. We will be forced to shut down any booths with unfilled time slots. So please sign up!

Pop Up Tent

Loan us your pop up tent for the MBMA costume parade. It takes place during the hottest part of the day and children are likely to be hot due to their costumes. These will be used during the parade. We ask each classroom to provide at least 2 pop up tents to be used to shade the students. Rooms without a tent will not have any shade for the children or the parents. If you are able to provide one or two please signup on the form in each classroom. Drop off your tent the week of the carnival in the upper parking lot outside the auditorium. There will be tags provided to label your tent with your name.

Bake Sale

Do you bake? No, not a problem. We take any baked goodies as long as they are labeled for eggs, nuts, gluten free, etc. Drop them off the morning of the bake sale in the auditorium. Want to help during the carnival? You can help sell baked goods during the event to hungry mouths. Contact the event corrdinator for more informaiton about helping during the event.



A wristband allows a child entry into the carnival. This allows them to play the carnival games, enter the petting zoo and win tickets to exchange for prizes. To purchase a wristband click here or click shop above. Earlybird pricing provides a discounted price for a limited time. Wristbands can be purchased online or by check in the front office with a form until the wednesday prior to the event, after that they must be purchased at the event. If you pre-ordered a wristband then they will be delivered to the students prior to being dismessed by their teachers for the event. You can purchase wristbands for outside friends & family who might attend. (Adults do not need to purchase a wristband)

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Win prizes!!! Rules: Use real or faux pumpkin, gourd, or squash. Carve or decorate with paint, glitter, glue, fabric, embelishments, etc. (no candles please). Pumpkins must be finished when they are dropped off the morning of the carnival. Drop them off in the auditorum with form filled out. Judging: Each pumpkin will be assigned a number so judging is anonymous. MBMA Staff will be judging by secret ballot. Winners: One overall Grand Prize Winner along with 1st & 2nd winners in each category. Winners will be announced at the costume parade. Categories: Little Boo- (Childrn's House Only) Children's House students may choose to enter other categories Big Boo- (6th graders only) Sixth grade students may choose to enter other categories Boo-tiful- This is for our cute, pretty and beautiful pumpkins Spook-tacular- This is for scary and creepy creations Creatures & Critters- Pumpking animals, insects, and scary creatures Miscellaneous- Not sure, this is your category Parents- Sometimes we let the big kids play too...

Costume Parade

1:30pm- in the Upper Playground student will gather with their classroomss. They take turns parading around the other students showing off their costumes. They will stay with their teachers and return to their classrooms after the event. The teachers will then release them at 2pm to enjoy the carnival

Bake Sale

Do you bake? No, not a problem. We take any baked goodies as long as they are labeled for eggs, nuts, gluten free, etc. Donations of baked goods accepted the morning of the bake sale, drop them off in the auditorium. These baked goodies will then be available for purchase by anyone at the carnival.(cash only) The money raised helps to offset the cost of putting on the carnival

Guessing Jar

Outside the Elementry and Children's house will be two jars filled with goodies. Grab a small envelope and write down you guess on how many total items are inside the jar. Each guess costs 25¢. Don't forget to write your room number and name on the envelope. The winner will get a choice of getting what is inside the envelope or a gift card.

Musical Pumpking Gallery Tour

Before the costume parade begins the MBMA Band and Chorus play in the auditorium while student tour the pumpkin gallery

The Halloween Carnival

The Halloween Carnival is a family friendly event put on by the Parents Group to allow the student to enjoy a safe and fun enviroment. Games, food, prizes and more. 2pm- 5:30pm- Carnival games are setup for kids of all ages to win prizes and tickets. Petting Zoo, food vendors, even a haunted house, so many things to do for everyone. Kids will need a wristband to join in the fun, Adults are free.


Where do we park to attend the Carnival?

The Lower Field parking will be available all day Friday and Street Parking will also be available all day Friday.

Why are parts of the upper parking lot unavailable on Thursday and Friday?

As most of the carnival takes place on the Upper Parking Lot, we need to close it down for setup of booths and vendors on Thursday at 9am and all day Friday

Permission Slips or Can't make it to school by 2pm

All Children's House students and elementry rooms 2-6 must have a signed and filled out permission slip returned to their teacher or office. This allows the office to know if a child will need supervision after 2pm or if you delegate supervision of your child to another parent/adult.


During the carnival food trucks, kettle corn, baked goods at the bake sale, and other sources for food and drinks will be available. Please bring cash as some vendors do not accept credit/debt cards.

More FAQ

Is the Carnival a fundraiser?

No, the carnival is a non-profit event hosted by the volunteers of MBMA’s Parent Group, organized solely for the purpose of the children's enjoyment. This is a wonderful way to meet your children's friends and parents, so please save the date for this year's Halloween Carnival! Monies collected from admission charges and any donations are used solely to offset the costs of putting on the carnival (i.e., equipment rentals, prizes, decorations, etc.).

Does the school host the Carnival?

No, the Carnival is hosted by volunteers from the MBMA Parent Group. If you would like to volunteer or contribute, please contact the event corrdinator

Who may attend the Carnival?

The Halloween Carnival is primarily an MBMA community event, however grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors, alumni and other guests are welcome to attend. All children must have a wristband to participate.

What is there to do at the Carnival?

The school is transformed into a true carnival with games for all ages, food vendors, prizes, pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting, fortune teller, fire-truck, a colossal jumpy, and a student created haunted house. Entries and winners from the pumpkin decorating contest and student art tote bag contest will also be showcased!

Where can I purchase a wristband for my child?

You may purchase wristbands in advance of the event(last day for advanced purchase is Wednesday before event), or at the event. You can purchase online click here